2020 End of the Year Awesomeness!

Ansel's Awesome Sauce Hot Sauce

It has been a hot minute since the last Awesome Sauce Update.

I will be sharing the hot sauce news from the past few months with all of you wonderful people. Read to the end for our end of the year discount code, plus a sweet little bonus, too. 😉

Do you want the good news first, or the bad news? First I will give you the not awesome news. After this comes the Awesome News.

Sad News

Rewinding the clock back a few months towards the warmer and brighter seasons, you remember the derecho? Iowa was hit hard by an inland hurricane (derecho). This caused extensive damages to structures and crops.

Midwest Derecho Storm Map

My production facility was unharmed in the storm. I cannot say the same for the farm growing my pepper crop. Damage occurred to all of my hot pepper plants, leaving them with broken branches, and their fruits and flower blown right off. We had hoped the plants might regrow some peppers. Sad news. Because of the damage, the entire crop was lost. I did not see a single pepper harvested. 🙁

Awesome News!

Good news came after this, when I was contacted by Derek from Echollective Farm. Located near Iowa City, IA, Echollective Farm grows some of the nicest organic produce around here, using some of the best farming practices available.

Echollective Hot Pepper Harvest for Hot Sauce Production
Molly of Echollective Farm with our first load of peppers, and a couple bottles of Awesome Sauce

Echollective had grown a surplus of Habanero and Serrano peppers. They wanted to know if I needed any hot peppers. I use Habanero and Serrano peppers for making the Mild and Medium blends of Awesome Sauce, and with no other hot peppers coming in this year, I was very much interested!

We acquired a hearty stockpile of these large and delicious peppers from Echollective Farm, and will be well stocked for producing the Mild and Medium blends of awesome hot sauce. 

More Sad News

Sadly, I was not able to find any locally grown super hot peppers (Ghost, Scorpion, or Reaper). Without any super hot peppers, there won’t be any new production of Hot, X-Hot, Double X hot sauces. The massively pepper loaded XXX hot sauce won’t make its debut appearance. Now is the time to stock up on the HOT hot sauces. Everything hotter than Medium may soon be gone!

Hot Sauce Introductory 3-Pack
Awesome Sauce Introductory 3-Pack

More Awesome News!

Let’s end all of this on a good note, and good turn of events.

Use Discount code WE-ARE-AWESOME for 20% off your entire purchase of Awesome Sauce until the end of the year!

Share some warmth with your friends and family. Share with them the gift of Awesome Sauce. This is a great time to stock up on your hot sauce needs. Plus, all orders come with a free Awesome Sauce sticker or refrigerator magnet. As always, hot sauce orders over $35 qualify for FREE SHIPPING, and every purchase now comes with a complimentary Awesome Sauce sticker or magnet. 

And please, as with every year, please support your local producers and makers. It’s been a rough year for everyone. Every little bit of support makes a difference for those small businesses and creatives. 

Wishing you warmth, 

Ansel, the Sauce Boss of Ansel’s Awesome Sauce

BONUS! Here’s a video of us showing off some of the amazing peppers we got!

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