Best Hot Sauce for Chicken Wings

Hands down, the best hot sauce for chicken wings has to be Ansel’s Awesome Sauce

What makes The Awesome Sauce so good for chicken wings?

This goodness come in six levels of heat, starting with Mild and going up to XXX. You can add this line of gourmet dips to your chicken wings and put on a hot wing competition at home with friends a family. Just put a solid dab on a wing, starting with the Mild. See who can make it to the XXX without burning their face off; it’s a real scorcher.

So they have heat, do they taste good?

They taste GREAT! All of these gourmet sauces are all-natural, made with only exceptional-quality produce. Nothing artificial, ever. These are thick, rich, and flavorful sauces. No thickening agents are ever used, and all of the heat comes straight from whole peppers. That’s right, no capsaicin extracts are ever used. You can truly taste and feel the difference.

These sauces are spicy, sweet, salty, tangy, savory. They are so tasty and well-balanced, you’ll want to eat it on a spoon. Seriously! We recommend you try them out like that before adding to other foods.

Add these sauces to your chicken wings and you’ll know why it’s the greatest dip or rub to use for chicken wings.

How to use the best hot sauce for chicken wings:

Here is a recipe for baked chicken wings that we recommend.


After the wings are finished baking, add the Awesome Sauce to melted butter and coat the wings. If you are making different levels of spicy wings, we recommend starting with the most mild of sauces first. Move up successively to each higher level of heat. 

Have fun, and happy eating!

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