Camp Euforia Super Secret Special Sauce Hot Sauce Ansel's Awesome Sauce

Camp Euforia's

"Super Secret Special Sauce"

Presented by Ansel's Awesome Sauce

This rich and flavorful hot sauce is a collaboration between Camp Euforia and Ansel’s Awesome Sauce.

To celebrate these many years of enjoyment, we’ve teamed up to create a “super secret special” hot sauce, as a way to pay-it-forward to the next generation of local musicians.

For every bottle of sauce we sell, $5 will be donated to the United Action for Youth Center in Iowa City, specifically requested to be put towards their music program. 

United Action for Youth (UAY) is a nonprofit organization which has been supporting young people and families in Johnson County and surrounding areas since 1970.

For almost twenty years, Camp Euforia has enriched the lives of many local people by providing a stage for entertainment and camaraderie. In this final year, we hope you will bring your presence to Camp Euforia and share the good times again. Get your tickets here.

In this final year of Camp Euforia, what better way to say “Thank You!” than helping support the next crop of local musicians. 

We would love for you to enjoy this Super-Secret-Special Sauce with your friends, and also help aspiring young musicians in our community! 

We highly encourage pre-ordering this sauce, as its production will likely be limited to only 300 bottles. 

Order your sauce here!

Available for pre-order until July 4th! Have your super-secret-special sauce shipped for your enjoyment ahead of time. Or, come by our booth to pick up your sauce at Camp Euforia, July 14-16, 2022. 

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