Double X-Hot – Smoked Reaper – Hot Sauce

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Approximate heat level – 300,000 Scoville Units

This sauce makes a considerable leap in heat beyond the X-Hot. Tread carefully, as this is made for experienced hot sauce lovers.

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Smoked Reaper Hot Sauce

This smoked reaper pepper hot sauce is  hand-crafted in small batches, using only fresh, all-natural ingredients, grown by local farmers who are known for their exceptional produce.

The Smoked Reaper Sauce is rated Double-X, and makes a considerable leap in heat beyond the X-Hot. Tread carefully, as this is made for experienced hot sauce lovers. Packing loads of flavor, along with a strong punch of heat, this may be the hot sauce you’re looking for. It is loaded with hot peppers; Ghost, Habanero, Trinidad Scorpion, and Carolina Reaper. It just may give you the deep burn you desire. No extracts, ever! This is the real deal sauce, delivering heat and flavor.

Approximate heat level – 300,000 Scoville Units

Flavor Profile

As you taste this sauce, you will notice fruity notes of flavor from the ghost and habanero peppers, along with a sharp bite from scorpion and reaper peppers. The rich base provides the savory taste of garlic, the sweetness of honey, and the acidic tang of salt and apple cider vinegar. You may notice these flavors. However, this sauce might burn your tongue off immediately!

Smoked Varieties

Our smoked hot sauces start with the same great blend as the Original variety. Smoking half of the peppers imparts a slightly darker depth of flavor, though it does not overwhelm the flavor balance. We believe that great taste comes from great ingredients, so we never use liquid smoke or pepper extracts.

All-natural heat, with no extracts!

There is not a single artificial ingredient in any of our hot sauces; we use only all-natural produce. The best flavor and heat comes from the use of whole foods. We partner with local farmers, known for exceptional produce, to bring you only the finest.

What makes this sauce so good?

It’s all about that base, baby! All of our sauces start with a delicious base, made with carrots, onions, garlic, peaches, and honey. Flavor ALWAYS comes first. We then introduce hot peppers to create the different levels of heat. These six levels of heat are suitable for people completely new to hot sauce, and for those with great experience.

Everyday Sauce

Ansel’s Awesome Sauce is an everyday sauce, appropriate for almost any kind of food you eat. As a result of being loaded with fresh ingredients, it is a thick and and flavorful sauce. Unlike watered-down vinegar sauce that runs everywhere, this hot sauce stays where you put it.

1 review for Double X-Hot – Smoked Reaper – Hot Sauce

  1. Emily Eldred (verified owner)

    Like many pepper lovers, my partner struggles to find sufficiently hot sauces (we grow reapers, scorpions and ghosts every year, so you know, that kind of hot). When this sauce popped up at the Eastside Iowa Artists sale, I figured it would be worth a try. He says this sauce “has decent heat and flavor.” Very short and to the point, but doesn’t really indicate much, especially since it usually gets included in every meal. So, to make this review more interesting, here is a list of foods he has eaten with it so far:

    Curries with rice
    Pakoras and naan
    Injera and wots
    Macaroni and cheese
    Brie pastry
    Eggs, egg in a basket
    Potatoes and potato accessories (hashbrowns, fries, mashed potatoes, halved parmesan potatoes, etc)

    And probably a lot more while I wasn’t looking. Long story short, this sauce is worth trying if you like flavor with your hot sauce and are tired of companies that advertise heat and tone it down. And it apparently goes well with close to anything.

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