Intro 6 Pack, Original and Smoked, Mild, Medium, Hot


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In this Introductory 6-pack, you will get 3 bottles of Original hot sauce, and 3 bottles of Smoked hot sauce, which includes; Mild, Medium, Hot. This will take you and your friends on a journey of flavor, through the introductory levels of heat. This is good for those who want some tasty kick with their food, without too much of a lingering burn. Try them out on your favorite foods, and see which you like best!

Mild – Approximate heat level ~2,400 Scoville Units
Medium – Approximate heat level ~15,600 Scoville Units
Hot – Approximate heat level ~57,000 Scoville Units

All natural heat, with no extracts!

Starting with the same great blend as the Original variety, half of the peppers are smoked before being added to the sauce, which imparts a slightly darker depth of flavor without overwhelming the balance of the Original. Believing that great taste comes from great ingredients, we never use liquid smoke or pepper extracts.

Why is this sauce so good? It’s all about that base, baby! All of my sauces start with a delicious base, made with carrots, onions, garlic, peaches, and honey. Flavor ALWAYS comes first. From there, hot peppers are introduced to create the different levels of heat. This array of sauces is suitable for people completely new to hot sauce, and for those with great experience. Each sauce is made to be an everyday sauce, appropriate for almost any kind of food you eat. Loaded with fresh ingredients, it is a thick and flavorful sauce. This hot sauce doesn’t run; it stays where you put it.

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