Hot – Smoked Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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Approximate heat level ~57,000 Scoville Units

This sauce kicks it up a notch, with the addition of ghost peppers (don’t let that scare you).

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Smoked Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

This smoked ghost pepper hot sauce hand-crafted in small batches, using only fresh, all-natural ingredients, grown by local farmers who are known for their exceptional produce.

Our smoked ghost pepper hot sauce kicks it up a notch, with the addition of ghost peppers (don’t let that scare you). It is a well-balanced hot sauce that features fruity-tasting ghost peppers to deliver extra heat, and provide a deeper and longer burn. It is hot, without being super hot, and is still a part of the introductory pack..

Approximate heat level ~57,000 Scoville Units

Flavor Profile

Within the depths of this smoked ghost pepper hot sauce, you will notice bright notes of peaches balanced with a salty tang, the harmonious floral sweetness of honey, and a deep undercurrent of garlic.

This is featured in our packages of Introductory level sauces.

Smoked Varieties

Our smoked hot sauces start with the same great blend as the Original variety. Smoking half of the peppers imparts a slightly darker depth of flavor, though it does not overwhelm the flavor balance. We believe that great taste comes from great ingredients, so we never use liquid smoke or pepper extracts.

All-natural heat, with no extracts!

There is not a single artificial ingredient in any of our sauces; we use only all-natural produce. The best flavor and heat comes from the use of whole foods. We partner with local farmers, known for exceptional produce, to bring you only the finest.

What makes this so good?

It’s all about that base, baby! All of our sauces start with a delicious base, made with carrots, onions, garlic, peaches, and honey. Flavor ALWAYS comes first. We then introduce spicy peppers to create the different levels of heat. These six levels of heat are suitable for people completely new to hot sauce, and for those with great experience.

Everyday Sauce

Ansel’s Awesome Sauce is an everyday sauce, appropriate for almost any kind of food you eat. As a result of being loaded with fresh ingredients, it is a thick and and flavorful sauce. Unlike watered-down vinegar sauce that runs everywhere, this sauce stays where you put it.

We hope that you will enjoy the deliciousness that comes in every bottle. Read the reviews to see how much people love it.


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3 reviews for Hot – Smoked Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

  1. Brian

    I still need to try the Mild and Medium flavors from my three pack, but I think Hot is being added to my list of everyday go to sauces. Ansel doesn’t add capsaicin extract to his products so while the Hot flavor has ghost peppers as its source of heat it doesn’t assault your face like it’s trying to be a competitor in the bear spray market.

    Hot is a sweet tasting sauce that features the ghost pepper’s fruitiness and uses its spiciness in harmony with the flavor. The heat isn’t right there in front but more a slow after burn on the tongue.

  2. Peter Mullaney (verified owner)

    Finally, a product from Iowa where “hot” actually means “hot”. Great flavor with a slightly sweet fruitiness. I don’t get much smoke from this sauce, although I didn’t order the “non-smoked HOT” to compare. The burn is slow and lingers which is something I prefer over sauces that quickly dissipate.

  3. Karen

    It’s been a real treat exploring the smoked version of the ghost pepper sauce. I loved the original and am loving the smoked. The smoke is not overwhelming making room for all the flavors to stand proud on my rice and beans!!! (:

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